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  1. Well, the new album 'Saturday' was released on Monday and what can I say...yet another fantastic album from Ocean Colour Scene.
    I have been a huge fan of theirs since the release of The Riverboat song in 1996 and they have never failed to disappoint. One thing puzzles me....why don't they get the recognition they deserve? Their records never get as much airplay as a lot of other bands / artists, and I'm sure a lot more people would appreciate these talented musicians and the great vocals of Simon Fowler if only they had the chance to hear it!
    I was lucky enought to meet Oscar Harrison (drummer) and Simon Fowler (lead singer) after their acoustic gig in Brighton, December 2009, and was thrilled to find they were both down to earth, genuinely nice guys! It was an intimate gig and the first time I had seen them acoustically. Simon's vocals were fantastic and it was great to see Oscar on the piano. At one point he was playing piano with one hand and maracas with the other!
    I for one hope they'll continue to make fantastic albums for years to come! 
  2. Is it just me or are they all a load of rubbish?! Am I getting old or do they not even appeal to the younger generation?<BLOG_BREAK>
    What we need is a music channel dedicated to soul, r'n'b (1960's not this modern day rubbish...crikey I do sound old don't I...I'm only 29!!) and motown etc.
    Anyone know anyone in the biz that can make this happen?!!